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But that pussy mine for the next three months
β€˜Cause the kid back, kid back, kid back…. #theweeknd #kingofthefall

at La Fitness, North Bergen Nj

I seen your Instagram but you look better up in person 🎢 #treysongz #foreign

Mani & Pedi time πŸ’…

🎧 I come around, she leave that nigga like he ain’t matter 🎢

#word #realness (at La Fitness, North Bergen Nj)

& you ain’t special till I made you so.

#heygirl what was I saying??? 😍😍😍 #ryangosling

🎧 SerÑ que no quieres que note que sigues Enamorado 🎢 (at LA Fitness, North Bergen, NJ )